Dr. Eddy Elkana Owaga

Designation: Lecturer
Email: eddy.owaga@dkut.ac.ke
School/Institute: Institute of Food Bioresources Technology
Department: Food Science and Technology

Academic Qualifications

Qualification Institution Year
Ph.D. Nutrition and Health Sciences Taipei Medical University,Taiwan 2010-2014
M.Sc. Food Science and Technology Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology, JKUAT, Kenya 2002-2005
B.Sc. Food Science and Postharvest Technology Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology, JKUAT, Kenya 1995-1998

Research Interests
• Functional foods with antiallergy, antidiabetic, anticancer, cardioprotective and hepatoprotective effects; Mitochondrial dysfunction and relation to chronic diseases; Nutritional immunology; Public health nutrition; Food safety and quality assurance

i) Books and Book Chapters

• Jung-Su C., Owaga E., Keller J.J., Chyi-Huey B. (2015). Obesity and Iron Deficiency Anemia: A Review of Population Based Studies. In: Human Health and Nutrition new Research (Sergej M.O., Ed).Nova Science Publishers, New York. pp. 1-16.

ii) Peer Reviewed Journal Publications
• Liu K.L., Chen P.Y., Wang C.M., Chen W.Y., Chen C.W., Owaga E., Chang J.S. (2016). Dose-related effects of ferric citrate supplementation on endoplasmic reticular stress responses and insulin signalling pathways in streptozotocin-nicotinamide-induced diabetes. Food and Function, 20; 7(1):194-201.
• Chao K.C., Chang C.C., Owaga E., Bai C.H., Huang T.C., Pan W.H., Chang J.S. (2016). Hb and dyslipidaemia as predicting markers of serum alanine aminotransferase elevation in Chinese adolescents. Public Health Nutrition. 19(6):1067-1073.
Owaga E., Hsieh R.H., Mugendi B., Masuku S., Shih C.K., Chang J.S. (2015). Th17 Cells as potential probiotic therapeutic targets in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 16(9):20841-20858.
• Chang J.S., Chen Y.C., Owaga E., Palupi K.C., Pan W.H., Bai C.H. (2014). Interactive effects of dietary fat/carbohydrate ratio and body mass index on iron deficiency anemia among Taiwanese women. Nutrients. 6: 3929-3941.
• Chang J.S., Bai C.H., Huang Z.C., Owaga E., Chao K.C., Chang C.C., Chiou H.Y. (2014). Interleukin 10 and clustering of metabolic syndrome components in pediatrics. European Journal of Clinical Investigations . 44: 384-394.
• Bai C.H., Owaga E., Cheng S.Y., Pan W.H., Chang J.S. (2014). Relationship between haemoglobin levels and risk for suspected non-alcoholic fatty liver in Taiwanese adults. The Chinese Journal of Physiology . 57(5):286-294.
Owaga E. E., Elbakkoush A, Masuku Sakhile K.S Nyang’inja R. (2014). Nutritional management of mental disorders; Potential role of flavonoids and vitamin E. Food and Public Health. 4(3): 104-109.
Owaga E. E., Hsieh R.H. Chen C.W. (2014). Oral toxicity evaluation of Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens M1 in Sprague Dawley rats. Food Chemistry and Toxicology. 70:157-162.
Owaga E. E., Mponda J., Nyang’inja R. (2014). Nutrigenomic approach in understanding the antiallergic effects of curcumin Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 4 (31); 1-5.
Owaga E. E., Elbakkoush A., Masuku-Maseko S., Lupia R. (2014). Antiallergic effects of probiotic lactobacilli – cellular and molecular mechanisms. Journal of Microbiology Research. 4(2): 92-97
Owaga E. E., Masuku-Maseko S. (2014). Chemopreventive effects of resveratrol on colorectal cancer – a review of in vitro, in vivo mechanisms. Research and Reviews: Journal of Medical and Health Sciences- 3(2): 1 – 4.
Owaga E. E., Masuku-Maseko S. (2014). Regulatory effect of probiotics on cholesterol levels–a review of in vitro, in vivo and human studies. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences. 5(2): 1240-1243.

Papers presented in Conferences, Seminars and Workshops
Owaga E.E. Hsieh R-H. Poster – Clinical efficacy of Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens M1 on allergic rhinitis in a randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial. 2nd Asian Congress on Pain, Taipei, Taiwan. April, 2014.
• Masuku-Maseko S., Owaga E. E. Poster – Health Promotion Healthcare and Reduction of Child Malnutrition and Mortality in Swaziland: A Case of Good Shepherd Hospital’ 20th Health Promotion Hospitals Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, April, 2012.
Owaga E. E., Muga R., Mumbo H., Aila F. Oral presentation- Dietary mycotoxins and link to infant malnutrition in Kenya. 7th GLUK/TICH Annual Scientific conference, Kisumu, Kenya, April, 2010.
Owaga E.E., Onyango C.A., Njoroge C.K. Oral presentation- Investigation of mycoflora on dagaa ‘Rastrineobola argentea’ as effected by washing and drying methods’ at Kimathi University College of Technology Research workshop, Nyeri, Kenya , June, 2010.
Owaga E.E. Oral presentation- ‘Food Quality in HIV/AIDS’ and ‘Food Processing in HIV/AIDS’. 5th International course on Nutritional Care for Persons living with HIV/AIDs (PLWHAs). GLUK, Kisumu, Kenya, April, 2008.
Owaga E.E., Onyango C.A., Njoroge C.K. Poster- Effect of selected washing treatments and drying temperatures on biochemical characteristics of dagaa ‘Rastrineobola argentea’ 2nd Kenyan University Exhibition, Nairobi, Kenya, October, 2003.
Awards, Scholarships and Recognitions
March, 2015– Awarded DeKUT Research grant (DeKUT 005/2015) – Development of Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) for treatment of moderate childhood malnutrition through value addition of Amaranth A. hypochodriacus L.
2010-2014: International Students Scholarship award to pursue Ph.D studies at Taipei Medical University, Taiwan.

Professional Qualifications

February, 2016: Pedagogy Skills Training held at DeKUT Conservancy
May, 2011: Techniques in Scientific Paper Writing, Taipei Medical University, Wallace consultants, Taiwan.
August, 2009: Mentorship Training for Young Researchers, GLUK/TICH, Kenya.
May, 2007: ISO 9001:2000 Lead Auditor Training Course by Bureau Veritas (K) Ltd, Kenya.
May, 2007: British Retail Consortium (BRC)/ International Organization of Packaging (IoP) standard internal auditor course by SGS, Kenya.
August, 2006: ISO 9000:2000 Series Internal Auditor Training course (Homegrown K), Kenya.
July, 2006: HACCP Implementation course by SGS Kenya, Kenya.

Areas of Expertise
• Food Chemistry and Biochemistry, Molecular Biology in Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Epideomology, Nutrition and Health, Nutritional Immunology, Research Planning and Design; Scientific Paper Writing, Food Microbiology, Food Toxicology, Food Quality and Safety Assurance.

Postgraduate Thesis Supervision and Examination
i) Doctorate
February, 2016 – Appointed Independent Examiner for Ms. Monica Mburu Ph.D Thesis, Institute of Food Bioresources and Technology, DeKUT- ‘Evaluation of Kenya Alpine dairy goat (Capra aegagrus) milk yield and its nutritional and chemical composition for product development in Nyeri county’

ii) Masters
• Anne Nyawira – Formulation and characterization of beetroot-enriched yoghurt
• Derrick Ochieng’- Effect of processing methods on nutritional and anti-nutritional composition and sensory properties of spider plant (Gynandropsis gynandra).

Other University and National Responsibilities
March, 2016 – Member, panel of reviewers for the 2nd DeKUT International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation
March, 2016 – Chair, shortlisting Committee for Lecturer and Assistant lecturer positions in the School of Computer Science and Information Technology, DeKUT
February, 2016 – Coordinator, Curriculum review for M.Sc. Food Science and Technology programme for CUE accreditation.
February, 2016 to date – Member, Journals and Publications Committee, DeKUT.
February, 2016– Member, University Graduation Magazine Sub-Committee, DeKUT.
January, 2016– Member, Technical and Vocation Education Training (TVET) Training of Trainers and Technicians curricula Development Committee, DeKUT. Co-ordinated development of Bachelor of Education in Food Technology curriculum
January, 2016 to date– Class Advisor, 4th Year B.Sc. Food Science and Technology students, Institute of Food Bioresources and Technology, DeKUT
October, 2015 – Member , DeKUT International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Committee
October, 2015 – December, 2015- Acting Director, Institute of Food Bioresources and Technology, DeKUT.
July, 2015 – Member, Proposal Writing committee for the Academic Center of Excellence (ACE) on Coffee Technology Center, DeKUT.
June, 2015 to date – Coordinator, Food Technology Workshops, Institute of Food Bioresources and Technology, DeKUT
April, 2015– Coordinator, Curriculum review of B.Sc. Food Science and Technology Programme, Institute of Food Bioresources and Technology, DeKUT.
January, 2015 – Member, Physical Fitness Committee for DeKUT 1st Annual Climbing Mt. Kenya Cultural and Technological Expedition.

Social Responsibilities
June, 2014 to date : Member, Taiwan Africa Service Organization (TAISA)
June, 2014 to date: Member, Board of Directors, Centre for Humanitarian Affairs and Community Development (CHACODEV), Kisumu, Kenya.
2011: Member, Rural –Urban Mutual Growth Camp of Taipei Medical University, Taiwan.

Affiliation/Membership to Professional Bodies
2008 – 2010: Member, Tropical Institute of Community Health (TICH ) mentorship programme